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POS means Point of Sales, is a critical, useful and reliable tool to help you organize, manage, and take control of your business. It saves time and helps to reduce cost on human resource, saving money in a long run. As for the food & beverage industry, service and environment are important considerations nowadays for customers to select their dining destinations; a useful Restaurant POS Solution assists you to provide timely and productive services, neat guest checks, and professional dining atmosphere. Ultimately, your restaurant will leave your customers impressed.

After many years of research and development, SUN POS was created by experienced restaurant professionals and computer software engineers in accordance with pragmatic requirements of the food & beverage industry in the United States. We have not scrupled about time and capital, but have constantly improved and tried our best to the perfection.

The system emphasizes on modern demands, easy graphic add-on, easy learning, and easy understanding with user-friendly interface that act in concert with high-class All In One industrial computer systems, high-speed printers, computer cash drawer, high-tech payment system, biometric (finger-print), computer scale, caller ID..absolutely suitable for various kinds of restaurant needs to deal with multiple tasks.

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